• Jayden Jung

Cooking Easy and Delicious meals at Assisst.

Sick and tired of eating the same thing over and over again? Or perhaps you love to eat (who doesn't!) yet have no idea how to make your favourite meal? Or maybe you live alone and think cooking for one is the worst idea imaginable...

Do not fret - here at Assisst we work together to support and build those hidden culinary talents. Or perhaps you would simply like to enjoy a warm meal and freshly baked goods alongside some great company. Even if cooking isn't quite your forte, after attending this group session you will be more than satisfied!

Every week we get together to make something delicious, and each week we ask our participants for suggestions on what to make next. We try to incorporate healthier options as much as we can - and to the genuine surprise of our participants vegetables can actually taste pretty good! One week we made cauliflower pizza and all participants could not even believe the base was pure cauliflower because it tasted as good if not better than the real thing!

Here are some photos on the dishes we've made so far, recipes will soon follow!

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