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Mental Health

Mental Health

Here at ASSISST, we recognise that people are unique and that your personal circumstances may change over time. Our approach is to tailor services for the needs of each individual.

We are passionate about people’s stories and always work within a Recovery Framework.

We are flexible, understand capacity for change and provide an individual support plan. When going through a difficult time ASSISST can meet the needs of individuals living with a mental health diagnosis, dual disability and dual diagnosis.

At ASSISST we have a huge array of services available:

  • Daily living support that help maintain independence such as shopping, Centrelink support, cleaning, personalised care, public trust and transport.

  • One to one personalised outreach.

  • Community Support.

  • Mentoring.

  • Learning based workshops.

We also offer a Care Coordination service for people who require a number of different and diverse health and social services for their personal recovery.

Please contact us today so we can provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

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